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Introducing our Young Ambassador Mindfulness Colouring books!

We are thrilled to announce that our Young Ambassador Mindfulness Colouring books are now available to buy! Huge thanks to the Lions Club of Reading for a grant that has helped towards the cost of printing this book, and to Jemca Toyota for further funding support!

Our Young Ambassadors  identified several themes to work towards for 2016/17, including a need for more accessible, understandable and self-care based resources for young people. With this in mind, we supported them in developing a No5 mindfulness colouring book aimed at their peers and members of the Reading community.

The ethos behind this project is that mindful colouring can provide a calming, self-soothing outlet through which we can indulge our creativity and shift the focus from anxious, intrusive and troubling thoughts and issues we might be feeling or dealing with.

Our colouring book features 20 drawings created by young people from Reading, including a number from our Young Ambassador group, and from NCS (National Citizen Service) attendees who worked with No5 in summer 2016. Drawings include inspirational quotes, mandalas, intricate animals, waves and the brain! The colouring books feature a detachable pages so that people can pull out and display, frame or carry their favourite images when they’ve finished colouring, or perhaps even gift them to a friend or loved one.

All images featured have been drawn by hand by a young person involved in this project, then translated into the book via the printing process.

Books are priced at £5, and can be purchased by contacting us at – let us know how many you’d like and when you will be collecting them. Please note we are only able to accept cash payments.


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