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Young People’s Performing Arts Concert – introducing T4C


We’re thriled to introduce another act for our performing arts show on the 3rd March – Teens 4 Christ (T4C)!

Teens 4 Christ (T4C) are an exciting ensemble gospel Mime group, formed in August 2015. They use their actions and expression to interpret the sentiments of songs and music. Made up of year 10 students from Reading,they perform throughout the British Isles at charity events, plays and church events.

They will be performing to “Better” by Jessica Reedy. Anne-Marie Stewart-Wright, leader of T4C, describes Better as “a song of hope for those who are feeling downcast. It reminds the audience that no matter what situation life throws at us, we will eventually get better as there is hope”. 

Check out their video above to see T4C in action!

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