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No5 Young People benefit from Bottomline’s donation to support mental health


No5 Young People are delighted to have received a donation from Bottomline Technologies, an international fintech with its EMEA headquarters in Reading, that helps banks and business to pay and get paid. With Bottomline’s gift, 154 young people aged 11-17 will receive an initial counselling session within three weeks of them first contacting No5 for support.

The No5 not-for-profit organisation provides counselling, outreach, and preventative mental health services to young people. Jon Mahoney, Head of Digital Enablement at Bottomline, visited No5 to learn more about the organisation. ‘It seems ironic that in the age of social media broadcasting, so many young people suffer in silence and feel that they are on their own,’ remarks Jon. ‘The work No5 is doing is extraordinary. From their dedication to providing confidential support as is required, to ensuring their unique approach helps young people recover and discover their true potential.’

Carly Newman, Operations and Relationship Officer at No5, comments ‘We were absolutely delighted when Bottomline reached out to us and said their staff had put us forward to receive a donation! To us at No5, it is not just the money that means so much. It’s also that local and international companies see the value and want to be part of making a difference to young lives alongside us.’

The Early Response project ensures that all young people aged 11-17 who contact No5 are seen by a counsellor for an initial session as soon as possible. This session allows young people to get a better understanding of what counselling involves, and enablesNo5’s Clinical Team to understand the difficulties that each young person is experiencing.  Consequently, they can match them with the most suitable counsellor if future sessions are required.

Martin Fox, Clinical Lead at No5, adds: ‘Seeing a young person at the earliest opportunity is pivotal to the prevention of future ill-health and the development of more serious mental health problems. We know a vital aspect of improving our emotional and mental health is to be listened to, and this is a key element of what counselling can offer. Along with this is the need to have our experiences validated by others who respect and value them. The Early Response project is invaluable to us as it allows a young person to feel heard as soon as possible after they first get in touch with us.’

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