Self-care is something that is mentioned a lot when it comes to looking after our mental health but it can be a minefield to navigate and understand. This can make actually doing self care and making the time for it, especially on a regular basis, feel overwhelming and unachievable.


So what is self-care?

Ultimately, it is things that we can do to help look after our mental health. This may be activities you find relaxing, energising, or even ones that are building your life skills.

A prime example of an act of self-care many of us do everyday, most likely without realising, is brushing our teeth – helping to start and end our days feeling fresh and clean. Sometimes we may slip out of routines like this as we find it difficult to motivate ourselves or it may not be a priority.


Planning Self Care

At times when it may difficult to prioritise self-care or when you want to add more to your daily life , you may find it useful to create a self-care plan.

An example of how you could create a plan has been created by TheĀ  Anna Freud Centre, including some examples of activities you can do and how to break them down into different forms. You can access this self-care planning booklet here.


It is really important that to remember that self-care looks different for everyone and you may have to try a few things to find what works for you!