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Call: 0118 901 5668

No5 Certificate in Counselling Young People Level 5

Accredited and awarded by the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB)

Based on BACP guidelines & competencies for working with 11-18 year olds.

No5 Young People provides professional training for counsellors wishing to work with children and young people. Training is developed to meet the changing needs of clients and counselling provision.

Who is the Certificate in Counselling Young People for?

The No5 Certificate is open to all who have obtained their diploma (BA or MA) in Counselling and wish to study a full training to work with young people aged 11–18 years old. This will enable you to begin counselling with young people between the ages of 11 and 18 years old and meets the BACP training curriculum guidelines Stage 1 and onto Stage 2.

The Training Format

Introduction Week followed by Certificate Workshops

The initial Introduction week (BACP Introduction Stage 1) will cover all knowledge and skills required to be covered before starting to work with young people. It will take place in September. You will be required to achieve 50 hours of counselling with young people during the programme, (between October 2022 and July 2023).

The No5 Certificate in Counselling Young People starts in October. The certificate contains a further 8 workshops that meet the Stage 2 ‘Formal Award’ specified by BACP.

Why No5 Training?

  • Experiential – young people with experience of counselling and mental health attend the days to share their experiences and give insights from a young person’s point of view.
  • Specialist – as an agency No5 focus on supporting young people and therefore our training is delivered with expertise and planned around our clients.
  • Real-life experiences – No5 draw on everyday experiences from counsellors supporting young people, young people themselves and include real case studies.
  • Placements – you can apply to do a placement at No5 to build your counselling experience and in return for your volunteer hours, you get a reduction in your Certificate fee if successful.
  • Professional – trainers are not only experienced trainers but experienced in counselling young people. 

I would highly recommend this course – As a qualified counsellor and someone who has worked with young people for many years this course helped me to bring these two elements together. I feel more confident counselling young people, but have also learnt new skills and creative interventions that will undoubtedly be used with my clients of all ages! 


Introduction to Counselling Young People 2022/2023

The first five workshops, Introduction to CYP, are on Zoom.

  • Workshop 1: Monday 5th September – Introduction to Programme and to Counselling Young People
  • Workshop 2: Tuesday 6th September – Attachment, Separation and Risk Assessment
  • Workshop 3: Thursday 8th September – Skills for Working with YPs
  • Workshop 4: Friday 23rd September – Understanding YPs and the World They Inhabit
  • Workshop 5: Saturday 24th September – Normality and Pathology in Adolescence

10am to 1.30pm, each day. Registration from 9.30am. This will be delivered via Zoom using meeting rooms for group work.

Participants will be asked to do some pre-work before the course begins to allow for slightly shorter days. We understand you don’t want to spend all day on Zoom!

Certificate in Counselling Young People Workshops (Equivalent to BACP Formal Award Stage 2)

Each Saturday workshop (workshops 6-13) start at 10am (registration from 9.30am) and finishes at 5pm. Some may be delivered online due to coronavirus guidelines.

  • Workshop 6: 15th October – Safeguarding, Record-Keeping and Working with Young People
  • Workshop 7: 8th November  – Appreciating Difference and Diversity
  • Workshop 8: 3rd December – Fostering Emotional Resilience and Risk Assessment and Outcome Measures
  • Workshop 9: 14th January 2022 – Counselling in Different Contexts including Online Working
  • Workshop 10: 4th February – Working with Young People and their Network
  • Workshop 11: 4th March  – Group presentations
  • Workshop 12: 1st April – Groups, Gangs and Trauma
  • Workshop 13: 13th May – Reflections and Endings

Aims of the Programme

The programme is intended to give you knowledge, skills and confidence to work with young people and will build on your previous counselling training and experience. This programme will fully equip you to work with young people safely and ethically and will enable you to develop the competencies required by the BACP.

The programme is experiential and intended to be applied during the programme to your counselling work with young people.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Work safely, legally and ethically as a counsellor with young people aged 11 – 18 years old.
  2. Work therapeutically with young people.
  3. Work with issues around culture, family and diversity relevant to the development of young people.
  4. Work with an age-appropriate counselling approach to engage with young people.
  5. Work with self-awareness as a practitioner with young people
  6. Use a coherent framework of theory and skills relevant for working with this age group.
  7. Monitor and maintain professional effectiveness as a counsellor of young people.

Application Criteria

This programme is for all counsellors who are working with young people and do not have a ‘top-up’ or specific training to work with young people aged 11-18 years old. It is aimed at counsellors who have a minimum level 4 diploma in counselling of any modality.

The programme is based on the BACP Training Curriculum and attendance on this programme will enable you to meet the BACP competences to work with young people (11-18 years).

You will be required to do a minimum of 50 hours of counselling with young people to support your study, with appropriately qualified supervision. Please read below for details of practice hours.

You will attend an interview with our Training and Development Manager. Candidates wishing to complete their placements at No5 will need to attend an interview with the No5 clinical team. A Placement Application Form can be requested from Martin Fox, Clinical Lead.

Training Application deadline: 5th August 2022. Please complete the training application form.

Queries? Please contact The Training Team at No5.

Programme Fees

FULL COST: The cost of the full programme is £1,848, including a CPCAB registration fee of £184. No5 will pay CPCAB once you have started the course.

The remaining £1,548 can be paid in 8 monthly instalments of £193.50 per month. This needs to be completed by standing order and a form will be given to you once you have been accepted on the course and paid your deposit.

A non-refundable deposit of £300 is required to secure a place on this course. This includes the £184 registration fee.

REDUCED COST: The full cost of the programme for counsellors completing a No5 placement is £1,348, including a CPCAB registration fee of £184. The CPCAB registration fee is payable to No5 who will then pay CPCAB once your registration is complete after the start of the course.

A non-refundable deposit of £300 is required to secure a place on the course. This includes the £184 registration fee.

The remaining £1,048 can be paid in 8 monthly instalments of £131 per month. This needs to be completed by standing order and a form will be given to you once you have been accepted on the course and paid your deposit.

For your placement at No5, you will be required to cover a three-session rota for a 12-month period. The BACP require you to have a minimum of 50 hours with this age group to meet the Formal Award Stage 2.

We will accept applications from those working with other agencies or in schools.

Practice Hours

You will need to complete 50 practice hours with young people age 11 to 17 at an appropriate placement.

  • You will be required to log your client work with young people and have this signed by your supervisor and the agency/school or organisation where you have gained this experience.
  • You will need to satisfy the programme tutor that your supervisor is qualified in counselling young people, and provide a short statement from them about your development as a counsellor for young people.
  • You may be required to complete 20 hours of personal therapy if requested to do so by the Course Tutor.


Monthly Pre-Work

In addition to attendance at the workshops you will be required to:

  • Watch a defined set of the MindEd online modules in preparation for each workshop.

Study Requirements and Assignments

To qualify for the Certificate in Counselling Young People – CPCAB Level 5:

  • Study the online MindEd modules alongside minimum of 80% attendance at the Workshops.
  • Keep a reflective learning journal during your training.
  • Write the following assignments:

After the Introductory Workshops:

  • A 1000-word personal reflection on your motivation to work with young people, your personal development and learning during the first five workshops.

During the Programme:

  • Complete a presentation (workshop 12) based on research carried out by you and your assigned group on a topic to be agreed.
  • Keep a portfolio of work done during the programme
  • Join a Learning Group and keep a record of the feedback given during skills triad work and discussions

At the end of the programme:

  • A 3000-word case study to illustrate your counselling work with young people.
  • A 1000-word essay describing the development of your counselling work with young people, how the learning on the programme has impacted your approach, how supervision has supported this and a personal reflection on your learning.

About our Training Team

Programme Manager

Carly Newman BA (Hons), Operations and Relationships Manager at No5



Lead Trainers

The training for the certificate is delivered by professional trainers who have experience of working with young people over many years.

Each of our trainers has been delivering this training course for the last five years and have extensive experience in both teaching and delivering counselling services to children and young people.


Anna Albert MSc, PGCE, PGDip (Counselling), PGDip (Counselling in Schools), MBACP (Registered Accred)





Chantal De Rop-Rushton MSc, BA, BACP CYP, Counselling and Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents




Emma Beesley BSc, MBACP (Registered Accred)






Helen Thompson BA, MUKCP, MFPC, (Supervision Diploma and Certificate in Counselling Young People).




You will be supported by a course facilitator at each workshop. Each of our No5 facilitators has completed the course and have experience of delivering counselling to young people. There will be a Course Tutor assigned to you to offer support during the programme.

Reserve Your Place

To apply for a place on the programme please complete the No5 Certificate in Counselling Young People Application Form and email it to the Training Team.

Feedback from previous participants

“This course helped me become more creative in my thinking.”

“I enjoyed the chance to meet other counsellors and share practice ideas.”

“This course helped me understand emotional impact of working with play”.

“It was good to gain some practice of using creative tools and increase my understanding of the many issues facing young people.”

“The group work and sharing experiences made me much more aware about difference.”

“This course changed my awareness, sense of self and others.”

“The course included excellent thought-provoking discussion.”

“The clarity about legal and safeguarding issues was very helpful.”

Parents and Caregivers

Although No5 is a service for young people, we understand that sometimes it is helpful for other people involved with them to get support too.

Young People

No5 is Reading’s service for young people dedicated to providing free confidential counselling and emotional support to anyone between the ages of 11 and 25.


We are constantly developing new training and professional development programs to meet the needs of professionals.