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Mental Health Workshops for Schools

Gender Perceptions and Mental Health


No5 delivers Mental Health Workshops in schools, colleges, community groups/clubs and workplaces in Reading, with the aim to educate, support and build self-awareness in young people, and those who support them, around issues they face today.

There are 7 workshops in the series, based on current issues relevant to young people. 

Workshops are developed in collaboration with our Young Ambassadors, aged 16-25, and our counsellors at No5.

Workshop 4 - Gender Perceptions and Mental Health


Tackle gender stereotypes and expectations that create barriers for young people and their mental wellbeing.


Students will learn about the gendered expectations, myths and stereotypes in how young people ‘deal’ with feelings and emotions; such as “man up”. We’ll explore why this might be, what we can do about it, and demonstrate the impact of this on young mental health and suicide rates.


Your students will:

  • Benefit from peer-led education and resources
  • Learn myths and facts around gender-based inequalities in mental health 
  • Understand the impact of gender stigma on young people
  • explore their own attitudes to gender in mental health 
  • Gain knowledge of the impact and outcomes of these issues on young people’s mental health
  • Challenge gender stereotypes that effect young people’s ability to get support

Cost: £175

These sessions are ideally delivered to groups of up to 25 participants