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Mental Health Workshops for Schools

Social Media: Staying Safe Online


No5 delivers Mental Health Workshops in schools and colleges in Reading, with the aim to educate, support and build self-awareness in young people around issues they face today.

There are 7 workshops in the series, based on current issues relevant to young people.

Workshops are developed in collaboration with our Young Ambassadors, aged 16-25, and our counsellors at No5.

Workshop 2 – Social Media: Staying Safe Online


Support young people to enjoy social media in healthy and productive ways, by identifying online pressures, risks and ways to keep safe.


There are lots of benefits of social media and living in the digital age. But how do young people protect themselves whilst spending time online? Focussing on cyberbullying, sexting, grooming and what we share online, we explore how to protect ourselves and what to do if things go wrong. A handout, listing up-to-date privacy and location settings across the major social media platforms, and how to set them up, is provided an explained as part of this workshop.


Your students will:

  • Benefit from peer-led education and resources
  • Understand the risks faced by young people on social media platforms
  • Gain insight into the pressures of social media and how to navigate them
  • Know what the law says about sexting and grooming
  • Learn ways to look after themselves online
  • Be able to locate and change privacy and location settings on social media accounts to protect themselves online

Cost: £175

These sessions are ideally delivered to groups of up to 25 young people