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Outreach activity gives us the opportunity to deliver services and build relationships directly within our community of Reading.

We offer educational messages, No5 service information, signposting and support on mental health. We work with schools, corporations and businesses, community groups and national volunteering schemes for young people.

Young Ambassadors

Young Ambassadors

Our Young Ambassadors are the young voice at the heart of our organisation, and, wherever possible, we involve them in developing and delivering our outreach activities.

Outreach and Preventative Work

At No5 we are constantly striving to develop new outreach programmes to deliver mental health messages, education and resources directly to young people in our community.

Central to this objective is our innovative series of Mental Health Workshops for schools, colleges and young people’s groups in Reading, created with the aim to educate, support and build self-awareness in young people around issues they face today. Our workshops are developed and delivered in collaboration with our Young Ambassadors.

We also offer counselling services and workshops in secondary schools in the local area

Our Research and Reports

At No5 we have created a series of reports that aim to provide valuable insights and information on various topics related to young people’s mental health, helping to educate and inform individuals, communities and organisations about the latest developments and best practices.

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