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Call: 0118 901 5668
Email: info@no5.org.uk

No5 Young Ambassadors

From Young People to Young People – talking about mental health

It isn’t always easy for children and young people to talk about mental health. Due to stigma you might worry about what other people might say, or of being laughed at, or not taken seriously if you mention your concerns. Our Young Ambassadors share practical things that have helped them and reflect from their own experiences.

Meet our Young Ambassadors

“We’re here so every young person can feel supported.”
Say Hello

This was the first #AsktheYAs video where our Young Ambassadors introduce themselves.

Find out more about each of them in their profiles below.

Abbie, Lead Young Ambassador


Hi, I’m Abbie the lead young ambassador at No5 and have been volunteering with them since 2017. I attended counselling at No5 in 2014 and they helped so much. I decided to become a young ambassador after revisiting the charity with NCS as I found out more about it and was reminded at what great work No5 do. When I am not working, I enjoy photography, reading, writing and watching musicals. 


I’m Nurika, I became a No5 Young Ambassador in 2014. I’d had a really positive experience of having counselling at No5, and was keen to help promote the service and raise awareness of mental health and emotional wellbeing among other young people in Reading. I also work at No5 as a receptionist, greeting clients and supporting the counsellors with the administration.


My name is Jemma and I came to be a young ambassador for No5 through the community work I did through NCS in 2017. I love being a part of a charity that really helps people and hope that I can use my enthusiasm to do just that.

Fen, Young Ambassador


Hi, I’m Fen. I’m a No5 Young Ambassador because I feel it’s important for young people to band together and support each other. I joined the team in 2018. I’m currently finishing my second year studying Photography in the Arts at UWTSD. I like to spend my time taking photos, watching TV series, listening to music and going on walks.


Hi, I’m Elii, I’ve been a Young Ambassador at No5 since 2017. I chose to be a Young Ambassador because of my interest in changing the attitude towards mental health issues in society in the UK. I am also aspiring to be an Art Therapist, and wished to know more about counselling and therapy for mental health problems.



Hi, I’m Beth. I became a No5 Young Ambassador in 2019 after going through counselling, I wanted to do what I could to tackle the stigma surrounding it and help support other young people who may be struggling. I’m also interested in studying psychology and wanted to learn more about mental health issues and how to treat them.


I’m Tom, I joined the Young Ambassadors team in 2018 because I really care about and wanted to support the work No5 is doing. I am very passionate about mental health and want to contribute to this spread of hope and support.

Sanjana Young Ambassador


I’m Sanjana, I have been a Young Ambassador since 2018! I’m currently studying law at the University of Bristol and in my spare time, I like baking, reading good books and volunteer at a Refugee Homework Club. I was introduced to No5 as part of my social action project on NCS. Being a No5 Young Ambassador gives me the opportunity to give back to my community and be part of an incredible charity.



I’m Angie and I became a Young Ambassador in 2020 because I care about the mental health of young people and want to help them. I am passionate about spreading awareness about mental health, getting rid of the stigma about it and supporting mental wellbeing.

Hannah, Young Ambassador


I’m Hannah and I became a Young Ambassador for No5 in 2020. I had counselling here myself and found my counsellor incredibly supportive and helpful. In my spare time, I am a photographer for my college at university, I am training to be a teacher and currently work in care. 

Peer Support

At No5 we believe that peer support (a mutual system of giving and receiving help) has the biggest impact on children and young people. That’s where our Young Ambassadors come in; they have lived experience of mental health issues and are passionate about supporting others in their community. Therefore, through sharing their stories they champion our vision, engage, and inspire their peers.

Projects they have taken part in include:

  • Peer support via talks and workshops within schools and other institutions
  • Production of video content to challenge mental health stigma and offer advice to children and young people
  • Sharing their experiences in the media
  • Contributing content and presentations at our annual AGM
  • Developing campaigns aimed at engaging young people in the community
  • Assisting in planning and running outreach and fundraising events on behalf of No5

We offer our Young Ambassadors training in active listening skills and an introduction to counselling skills, thereby arming them with robust resources to undertake their role. Furthermore, they are given comprehensive supervision to assist them in safely supporting children and young people in the community.

Our Young Ambassadors are core to No5 and often get involved in community projects and professional development of counsellors seeking to train to support young people. The video below was created as part of our Certificate in Counselling Young People in which they share their view of our world today, recorded in October 2020, #COVID19.


Our Young Ambassadors share their own mental health experiences and reflect on what helps them through the #AsktheYAs series of videos.

Below are just three of the many videos:

  • What they would say to their 11-year-old self on starting secondary school
  • Fen shares their experience of living with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder with advice to those struggling.
  • 10 things they want their parents to know about mental health

Listen to our Young Ambassadors sharing their own experiences of mental health issues, opinions on what’s happening in the world today and their practical tips. Enjoy the playlist on YouTube!

Want to know more?

If you are interested to find out more about our Young Ambassador scheme, then we are here to talk to you. We are looking for young people who would like to inspire others through their personal experience of counselling, mental health and emotional issues, or passion for these subjects. You’ll need to be:

  • Between the age of 16-25. If you are under 16 we will need a parent or guardian to sign our parental permission form.
  • In the right place in your life to be able to share your story. Your wellbeing should always come first and it’s important that you are aware of how your own experience of mental health issues affects you. You need to know when to ask for support or take a break from volunteering.
  • Confident sharing your story in front of others; as a young ambassador you could be speaking to a large group of fundraisers, your peers or the media so you need to be comfortable in this environment.
  • Able to communicate in an engaging and inspiring way. A vital part of the role is raising awareness of No5’s work and motivate people to support us, so you need to be able to get across our messages – we will guide you through this process!

Interested In Joining Our Young Ambassadors?

Email Hayley on outreach@no5.org.uk or call 0118 901 5649 for more information on our Young Ambassador scheme and outreach projects.

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